Filming with Dublin Bus

Outlined below are the requirements for filming / photo shoots on Dublin Bus services, bus stops, or property, and / or Córas Iompair Éireann property 

(1)  Three weeks advance notice is required (minimum 10 working days) for requests for filming, or photo shoots requests to be made to with provision of the following details:

  1. Date and time of proposed filming
  2. Location of shoot
  3. Copy of script (any scripts that may show Dublin Bus in a negative light will not be entertained)
  4. Health and Safety Statement
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. Method Statement (Exact details of filming requirements)
  7. Number and details of film crew
  8. Number and details of other personnel involved
  9. Details of equipment involved in the shoot

(2)  The following insurance is requested to allow filming:

  • Specific Indemnity to Dublin Bus and Córas Iompair Éireann to be noted under liability policies for the duration of the filming to be placed on your insurance.  
  • A minimum of €2.6million public liability insurance cover for handheld camera and no cables or trailing wires. If filming involves tripod, trailing cables or freestanding spotlights or dolly and tracks public liability insurance requirements could be up to €6.5 million as defined by our insurance company. 
  • Confirmation that the equipment being used is insured on a instatement basis with a waiver of rights to recovery against CIÉ/Dublin Bus if the value of the equipment is above €100,000. 
  • Also, Motor Third Party Property Damage of €1.3m should be obtained if commercial vehicles will be entering our property. 
  • Employers Liability Insurance Cover of at least €13 million. Filming cannot proceed until clearance is received from our insurance brokers.
  • Prior to any arrangements, an immediate non refundable payment of €130, to cover administration costs only, will be required, made payable to Dublin Bus in the case of drafts or cheques. 
  • Other costs associated with the film production while on our property, e.g. supervisory inspector, safety and operations staff where necessary, location fee etc. will be estimated in advance, and a pro forma invoice for this amount provided by us for payment prior to filming. Once again, drafts and cheques should be made payable to Dublin Bus.

(3)  The Dublin Bus indemnity form should be signed and returned to Dublin Bus prior to date of filming. If film crew are students, a tutor must sign the indemnity form.

(4)  A designated member of Dublin Bus staff will be provided to accompany film crew for the duration of the filming and will be in charge of film crew, who must strictly adhere to the inspector’s requirements.

(5)  All filming arrangements are subject to safety and operational requirements. All weekday filming requests must take place outside of Dublin Bus’ peak business hours (07:00hrs -10:00hrs to 16:00hrs -19:00hrs). There is a greater flexibility regarding weekend filming times. In consideration of our customers, filming on in service buses is prohibited. If a filming request is successful, an out of service vehicle and bus driver will be allocated to the film shoot. Because our prime business is to operate bus services, it must be clearly understood by the film company beforehand that it may be necessary to cancel filming arrangements with little or no notice and no compensation. 

(6)  Where a filming request involves filming at a Dublin Bus depot the following criteria must also be met. All filming crew must wear appropriate safety clothing( high visibility jackets and appropriate/ steel toe shoes).

(7) Where filming requests involve filming Dublin Bus stops/ signage, all new Dublin Bus branding must be used unless the production is set in an earlier time period. In instances such as this, Dublin Bus will try and facilitate requests with regards to old signage.

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