Fares and Ticket Types

Leap & Cash Fares

Leap Card fares are best if you travel to and from school by bus. And Cash Fares are suitable if you use the bus occasionally.

Who qualifies for Child Fares?
Under 4’s:
One child under 4 years of age can travel free when accompanied by a fare paying adult provided that during busy periods, the child does not occupy a seat to the exclusion of another customer.  
Age 4 – 15:
If you are between the ages of 4 and 15 years, you can travel on the bus by paying a cash fare or by using your Child Leap Card when paying for a child or school hours fare. You can get a Leap Card here.

If a child under 16 years’ of age could be mistaken as older than 16 years, an official statement confirming a child’s age may be obtained at Dublin Bus 59 Upper O'Connell Street, on production of appropriate identification.

Age 16 – 18:

If you are between the ages of 16 and 18 years, you can travel on the bus by using your personalised Child Leap Card when paying for a Child or School Hours fare.


 Leap Fare (U19yrs) Cash Fare (U16yrs)
School Hours (All Stages)* €0.79 €1.00
Stages 1 – 7 €0.90 €1.15
Over 7 stages €1.10 €1.40
Xpresso €1.20 €1.50
Route 90 Flat Fare €0.90 €1.15
City Centre Fare €0.60 €0.75

*School Hours fare apply up to 19:00hrs Monday to Friday and 13:30hrs on Saturday. Please validate your Leap Card once at the remote validator to avail of the School Hours fare of €0.79 per journey.
Please pay at the Drivers Ticket Machine.
● To avail of the flat fare, simply present your Leap Card to the Reader on the right hand side as you enter the bus.

Please make sure that you have the correct change to pay for your fare, drivers cannot accept Euro notes or give change.

Fare Calculator

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Child Leap Card

What is a Child Leap Card?
A Child Leap Card is a reusable plastic smart card that can be used instead of paying with cash when travelling on all Dublin Bus services, including Airlink, Xpresso and Nitelink, as well as Luas, DART and Commuter Rail services. Leap Cards for 4 to 15 year olds can be bought online at or at over 400 Payzone outlets around the City.  If you are between the ages of 16 to 18 years, you must buy a personalised Leap Card. The personalised Child Leap Card application forms are available from

What is Travel Credit?
Travel Credit works in a similar way to mobile phone credit. It is a cash value which you load onto the card and every time you use the card to travel, the cost of the journey is deducted. You can top-up your card online, at a Payzone outlet and at Luas and Irish Rail ticket machines.

What is Leap Card Fare Capping?
Fare Capping is really easy. The Leap Card system caps your use of Travel Credit, so once you have taken trips using your Travel Credit that add up to the equivalent of the daily or weekly Cap value, you can continue to travel as normal, but no further Travel Credit will be taken from your card.
When travelling on Dublin Bus, the daily Cap for a Child is €2.70 and the weekly Cap is €8.50. There is also a multi-operator Cap if you are travelling on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail. The daily Cap is €3.50 and the weekly Cap is €14.00.

The Cap is measured on a calendar week, starting on Monday and finishing on Sunday. When the Cap is reached you should continue to Touch On as normal to have a valid ticket.


Leap Card Capping

  Dublin Bus Only  Bus / Luas / Dart Commuter Rail 
  Daily Weekly Daily Weekly
Child €2.70 €8.50 €3.50 €14.00

Any fares paid for a travelling companion do not count towards the Cap.

Fares paid on Airlink and Tours do not count towards the Cap.

What is Leap 90 Discount?
If you take two or more buses to get to your destination, Leap 90 Discount will automatically refund you up to €0.75 when you board a second bus within 90 minutes of the previous trip. 

The discount applies when you board any bus within 90 minutes of the previous bus, so if you are making a third or subsequent transfer, you will also get a discount on that fare. Leap 90 Discount also applies to journeys taken within 90 minutes, to or from Luas, DART and Commuter Rail journeys.

It is important to note that the Leap card will always select the best value fare option from your Travel Credit – no action is necessary - the system does it for you.

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