Passengers With Buggies

Published on Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wheelchair users have priority over everyone else for use of the wheelchair space, since this is the only place in which they can travel safely.

Low-floor buses are designed so that buggies can remain unfolded in the wheelchair space if it is free.  Please make sure the buggy is safely positioned and the brake is on, unfolded buggies cannot travel in the gangway.  You should be able to board any low-floor bus with a buggy.  If the driver thinks that it is too crowded for you to board safely, he may refuse you boarding. The driver will not ask anybody already travelling to get off the bus to make room.

If someone in a wheelchair wishes to board when there is an unfolded buggy in the wheelchair space, the driver will ask you to fold the buggy and either put it in the luggage space or keep it by your side.

On all new buses there is both a wheelchair space and a buggy space, buggy owners may use both spaces but the buggy owner in the wheelchair space must move out of this space if a wheelchair user wishes to board the bus.  

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