Step 1

At the bus stop

  • Buses collect passengers at bus stops or bus shelters.

  • While waiting for the bus, please queue in order of arrival.

  • Please put your hand out to tell the driver that you want him/her to stop so that you can get on the bus.  

  • As the bus arrives and leaves the stop, stand well back to avoid the side mirrors on the bus.

  • As the bus approaches check if it’s the right bus for you by watching out for the destination and route number on the front scroll. 

  • If you need the bus to be lowered or to use the ramp, just ask the driver when the bus stops.  You will hear a bell/buzzer while the bus is kneeling or the ramp is being lowered.  Please be patient and stay clear until this has finished.

  • The bell/buzzer will stop when the operation is complete; it is now safe to get on the bus.  For your safety, please do not attempt to enter or leave the bus from the side of the ramp.

  • If you are vision impaired or are unsure whether the bus is the one you need, just ask the driver, who will be pleased to help you.

  • Please allow other customers to exit the bus before you get on.

  • Please queue and enter the bus on the left hand side if paying with coin or Leap Card and on the right hand side if you have a prepaid ticket or paying with Leap Card flat fare.

 Step 2 - Getting on the bus - paying your fare

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